Sunday, August 28, 2005

kajra re kajra re

went to an engagement ceremony yesterday. there was the usual 'prepared song and dance routine' which invariably transports you to the last wedding in your family and plan for the next one

also in a number of pictures ananya shows promise of being a great dancer

so my vote is that ananya be taught how to dance - she has to dance on her buas' and masi's wedding and hopefully she doesn't have too much time
didi request you to take this forward


Happy Birthday Baby :)!

Dear Ananya, Big Bua here. Congratulations on turning one. It was wonderful to see you in Rochester and I love how you and Anisha have turned into such good friends. Rahul has to look out for himself with you two girls. I love your pictures from the party--the bathing suit is too cool. Dadi picked a good one. You are a very lucky little girl--you have extrodinary parents who love you beyond words and want you to experience the world in the best way. I can't wait to see you soon. Love, Anu Bua

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm Dad

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This is a cool idea. It's 10:45am on Saturday and while Shonali went out and took care of some errands, I gave Ananya a bath, took a shower myself and then gave Ananya a bottle of milk. She was supposed to go to sleep next, but I see her bouncing around the bedroom right now fighting sleep (Mom's back is overseeing now). Anyways, I'm the guy who takes all the photographs and lots of other misc. tasks in between.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

happy brithday ananya

you are one today and even though we have met before i think its time i can give you a formal introduction- we are pretty much on the same wave length now- with you driving your mom nuts- i love it when you do that

i am your masi which as your mom would have told you means her sister. but it doesn't end there . it actually derives its origins from two words : ma (meaning mom) and si (meaning like) so its literal meaning is "mom like"

you know sweet heart its amazing how much you mean to me. unlike your mom i was never very fond of little people but you are a whole different story. they say and i belive that 'blood is thicker than water', you are the most blood i would share with anyone your size!!

you are a bundle of mischief and energy. and the absolute gold standard in children. you are the only 5 month old i have known who would sleep for a straight 8 hours, wake up with a smile that said pick me up, had the coolest hair, the cutest gigle, an adorable 'stick-my-tongue-out' expression

ananya you are my pride.

love , masi

ps i like calling you anna at times which your mom hates, so will control it here (can be our secret)
pss the other day while chatting on the net with your mom i was asking her what you were upto and she said you were trying to switch of the comp and sure enough two minutes later she wasn't online any longer!