Thursday, August 25, 2005

happy brithday ananya

you are one today and even though we have met before i think its time i can give you a formal introduction- we are pretty much on the same wave length now- with you driving your mom nuts- i love it when you do that

i am your masi which as your mom would have told you means her sister. but it doesn't end there . it actually derives its origins from two words : ma (meaning mom) and si (meaning like) so its literal meaning is "mom like"

you know sweet heart its amazing how much you mean to me. unlike your mom i was never very fond of little people but you are a whole different story. they say and i belive that 'blood is thicker than water', you are the most blood i would share with anyone your size!!

you are a bundle of mischief and energy. and the absolute gold standard in children. you are the only 5 month old i have known who would sleep for a straight 8 hours, wake up with a smile that said pick me up, had the coolest hair, the cutest gigle, an adorable 'stick-my-tongue-out' expression

ananya you are my pride.

love , masi

ps i like calling you anna at times which your mom hates, so will control it here (can be our secret)
pss the other day while chatting on the net with your mom i was asking her what you were upto and she said you were trying to switch of the comp and sure enough two minutes later she wasn't online any longer!


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